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Meetmax: easy badge printing

Ensure that your check in process is smooth so that you have fast-moving, short lines. MeetMax provides an onsite badging server that lets any kind of device print badges.

You will be able to manage a fast process to register walk in attendees who have not pre registered and print a badge for them.

Event administrators will be able to see custom data about each registrant (eg: meeting count or other custom fields).

Email alerts can be sent to key event organizer contacts when VIP attendees check-in. MeetMax can provide an on site tech to set up the service for you or you can choose to use our MeetMax badging in a box service.

Self-service check-in

Your attendees can check in by themselves and print their own badge by using a QR code or entering key information into a web page (eg: email address). You can provide specific check in stations for your attendees.

Attendee tracking

Choose from different options to track your attendees on site using mobile scanner devices. Track in real time which sessions or presentations your attendees join. You will be able to run reports of which attendees attended which session.

Lead Retrieval

Choose from different options (hardware or downloadable app) that allow your event sponsors or exhibitors to scan leads and enter key information about conversations with these leads for follow up.

1×1 meeting tracking

For many events the 1on1 meeting program is the most valuable part of the event. Event organizers can make sure in real time that all 1on1 meeting participants have checked into their 1on1 meeting. Event organizers can actively monitor in real time and manage the no shows at the 1on1 or private meetings at you event. This also will ensure that detailed records of the attendees at the 1on1 meetings are available in MeetMax.

1×1 schedule printing

Your attendees can print their own 1on1 schedule by themselves. MeetMax can provided dedicated printers. Attendees will be able to scan their badges and print their personal schedule. This will allow your event organizers to focus on high value services such as rebooking meetings for attendees and managing changes.

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